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Practical information

Practical information

To ensure your trip as pleasant as possible, here is some essential information to help you plan your activities.


Before coming, consult your doctor.

Within the country, you will find a health service: hospitals, clinic, private practice, basic health centers for remote places.

If possible, bring a first aid kit with you if necessary.


Rice occupies the largest in the staple food, always associated with dishes varying according to the regions either meats or still brêde. Among the typical dishes that characterize the country there is the ravitoto (crushed cassava leaf) associated with pork.


It is recommended to drink only mineral water. Otherwise the water purified by the purifiers is also an alternative.

Dress code

Malagasy people are generally modest, it is advisable to cover themselves in spiritual places. Do not forget to bring some warm clothes during the winter if you are in The Highland.


Having a calm and welcoming people, Madagascar has a serin  environment, except for a few neighborhoods which is similar to all the countries of the world. It is therefore important to make the right arrangements, such as being accompanied by a guide.

Language of Madagascar

Malagasy is the country's official language with more than a dozen dialects. After her, there is French which is spoken by a majority of the population; and finally certain languages ​​such as English is used in certain tourist places such as the tourist office, the hotels and restaurant, the sites and National Parks.

Here are some examples of common words: "Salama" to say Hello  "misaotra" is thank you and "Veloma"is used to say goodbye.

Change in Madagascar

The Ariary is the currency used by the Malagasy. However, it is not convertible. Therefore, exchange money on the spot at exchange offices available in town, at airports, and certain hotels. Avoid the services of black traders who practice on the street. You have at your disposal ATMs in banks accepting international VISA and MasterCard cards.

Reduce cultural

As any society has its rules, Madagascar is no exception, with the Fady (prohibited) to be respected. As for the verbal exchange, the « Tu » is only possible when close bonds are woven, therefore prefer the vouvoy. Ask for consent before photographing anyone. Do not show nervousness and avoid speaking too loud.

Night life

If you are fond of night parties, the nightclubs of the big cities are at your disposal. As caution is the mother of safety, condoms are available in pharmacies.

For children and people with disabilities

It is imperative to notify your agency in advance if there are children or people with reduced mobility. Because of the reduced number of specific infrastructures. So the agency will make the necessary arrangements for their arrival.


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