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Discovering the West and South of Madagascar

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1354 € /p

Duration of the circuit

21 jours – 20 nuits

The west and south's beauty are among Madagascar's major tourist attractions. This long tour will make you live an authentic adventure. Throughout your journey, you will be able to enjoy the splendour of each region, especially the highly popular Avenue of the Baobabs. You will then cross a semi-desert landscape of savannah and forest of deciduous trees, and pass through the beaches of Andavadaoka and Salary. After the heat of the south, we will enjoy the wetter climate and greener landscapes of the west, where we will be able to observe chameleons and golden bamboo lemurs.

You will enjoy :

- Mix of nature, culture and adventure - Discovery of Madagascar's greatest attractions - Getaway and discovery

Itinerary :

Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Morondava – Bekopaka – Morondava – Belo sur Mer – Manja – Andavadaoka – Salary – Toliara – Ranohira – Ambalavao – Ranomafana – Ambositra – Antananarivo

Program :

Day 1: Arrival in Antananarivo

You will arrive in Tana where you will be welcomed by our guide and transferred to the hotel. Depending on the arrival flight time, we will visit Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 2: Antananarivo – Antsirabe

We will head to Antsirabe, the most famous spa town of the Great Island. On the way, we will make a short stop in Ambatolampy. There, we will have the opportunity to visit the aluminium foundry where all the cooking utensils of Madagascar are made. In Antsirabe, we will admire the Tritriva and Andraikiba lakes. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 3:Antsirabe – Morondava

Transfer day. Early in the morning, we will leave for Morondava. We will travel through the plain of the Menabe region. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 4: Morondava – Bekopaka

Transfer day on dirt roads to reach the village of Bekopaka. We will make a fun ferry crossing over the Tsiribihina and Manambolo rivers.Overnight at a hotel.

Days 5 and 6: Visit of the Tsingy

At dawn, we will leave for a visit to the Tsingy, one of Madagascar's most famous sites and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, considered to be the largest natural labyrinth in the world. We will hike through the faces and rugged terrains of the Tsingy.  Overnight at a hotel.

Day 7: Bekopaka Morondava 

We will return on the dirt road to Morondava passing by the famous Avenue of the Baobabs, another world-renowned site. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 8: Morondava –Belo sur Mer

Belo sur Mer is a small village in the heart of the Vezo country. We will cross the forest of octopus trees of the didiereaceae family. In the afternoon, we will have the opportunity to visit the open-air shipyard of handmade dhows and schooners. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 9: Belo sur Mer

You will enjoy a free day. Some activities will be proposed to you on the spot: a sea trip; a visit of the mangrove swamp in a local pirogue; snorkelling; a visit of the village... Overnight at a hotel.

Day 10: Belo sur Mer Manja Andavadaoka

Transfer day. After travelling through the Sakalavacountry of Menabe, characterised by landscapes typical of western Madagascar, we will reach Manja, a small village located in the middle of the semi-desert savannah in the southwest of the island. We will then cross the great Mangoky river by ferry. The scenery will gradually make way for thorny forests, baobabs and rice fields of the lower Mangoky area. We will also cross a few villages on the way. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 11: Andavadoaka Salary

We will head to Salary to enjoy the beauty of the Mozambique Channel. The scenery is worthy of a postcard-with the sea, the beach and a creek that is home to a small fishing village. The dirt road follows a breathtaking turquoise blue lagoon. The coast is bordered by sand dunes and the landscape is adorned with a blue lagoon, mangroves and euphorbia, which are home to blue-headed running couas. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 12: Salary

Salary is one of the most popular fishing villages. You will enjoy a day of rest, during which you will be able to sunbathe or visit the village to meet the fishermen. Sea lovers will also have the possibility to make a dive to enjoy the underwater treasures. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 13Salary – Toliara

We will leave the dirt road to reach Toliara by the national road. We will cross several fishing villages along the way. After a tour of the town and a visit to the shell market, we will settle in the hotel and spend the night there.

Day 14: Toliara Ranohira

We will set off for Ranohira. The typical tombs, embellished with aloalos(funerary pole sculptures) and sometimes with a small house, decorate the landscape and reflect the wealth of the deceased. Different kinds of savannahs border the way. We will then arrive in Ranohira and stay at the hotel for the night.

Day 15: Isalo

We will visit the national park with its endemic vegetation on a continental shelf. You will have the opportunity to get a closer look at the splendour of the endemic flora of this part of the island, including Aloe, Euphorbia, Pachypodium and Kalanchoe. You will be able to contemplate various species of lemurs such as the ring-tailed lemur. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 16: Ranohira Ambalavao

We will cross the largest shelf of Madagascar where we will be able to progressively observe the changes in the landscape. Ambalavao is an economically important city: vineyard, handmade Antemoro paper factory, and natural and wild silk workshops. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 17: Ambalavao – Fianarantsoa Ranomafana

We will travel to the city of Fianarantsoa where we will discover several sites of rare beauty, including the Ambozotany Cathedral and the laboratory of Pierrot Men, an internationally renowned photographer. We will carry on towards Ranomafana. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 18: Ranomafana

This small village, located in the Namorona Valley, is the cradle of the Betsileo and Tanala culture. However, it is best known for its few species of lemurs, such as bamboo lemurs and sifakas. Ranomafana owes its name to its hot spring. In the morning, we will visit the park to discover endemic species of the fauna and flora. The 12 species of lemurs and 114 species of birds testify to the high rate of endemicity of the site. After the visit, you will be able to swim in the spring water pool. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 19: Ranomafana Ambositra

We will leave for Ambositra, the capital of Malagasy handicraft. This town is famous for its beautiful sculptures and marquetry. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 20: Ambositra – Antananarivo

We will return to Antananarivo, the capital. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 21: Antananarivo Homeland

Transfer to the airport. Return to your home country.


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Rate (starting from)

1354 € /p

Duration of the circuit

21 jours – 20 nuits

The tariff includes :

  • Accommodation during the whole stay
  • Meals during the whole stay
  • Airport-hotel-airport transfers
  • Travels by rental car with driver (fuel included)
  • Pirogue ride
  • Visits of the sites, parks and reserves mentioned
  • Remuneration of the guide

The tariff doesn’t include :

  • Mineral water bottles
  • Beverages, extras, tips
  • Plane tickets
  • Anything not mentioned in the 'Services included' section

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